Our Vision

To provide the best care and education for all children in a safe and warm environment through partnership with parents and the community.

Our Mission

To provide carefully prepared conditions which foster love of learning, independence, self-discipline, and a joyous response to life.  The manner in which subjects are taught is one which simply meets the child’s need for knowledge and self-development.

 Our Philosophy

The center’s philosophy revolves around the word LIFE.

L that stands for Love means to love the children like our own and for them to love what they do in order to learn.

I stands for interact which means interactions between teachers and children, teachers and parents or guardians, teachers and resources, children and materials and also the environment.

F is for Fun because children learn more when they enjoy going through it.

E is for Explore and Experiences as through exploration, children learn to problem solve and be independent in doing the things they are interested to know more about using their own methods of understanding things and the experiences they go through stays with them throughout their lives which makes education more meaningful.