Infant Care : 2 months to 18 months

Child Care : 18 months to Kindergarten 2

Flexi Care:

This means that they go to the child care centre for a few hours a day, instead of fixed half or full day programmes.  For younger children of preschool-going age or below, such an ad-hoc arrangement could be difficult. They need a stable routine, with familiar faces. This is one of the reasons why some child care centres do not offer such a service.

Emergency Care:

Emergency child care can be arranged for students who attend half-day school. In this case, they would stay on for the other half of the day at a fixed fee. This is for situations when the parent is unable to leave work in time, or has been irrevocably delayed in picking up the child.

Emergency child care is also available when your regular child care arrangements fall through. You can access this last-minute care for your children on a moment’s notice. Maybe your regular caregiver becomes ill, or there’s a school closure, or maybe you have to work on a scheduled day off. Whatever the case, this program is ready to fit your schedule with reliable, progressive child care for children up to 6 years old. Simply call your preferred centre and reserve a space.

Each centre has a back-up capacity to care for a number of registered children with little or no notice. You can even call us on the morning you plan to use this service. Availability of back-up care is on a first-come, first-served basis. But don’t worry, you’ll be offered the next closest centre if your first choice is full.


Flexi Care:

Services / Fees* Full Day Rate Half Day Rate Hourly Rate
Infant Care  $                160.00  $                130.00  $            25.00
Childcare  $                140.00  $                120.00  $            22.00
Package (20) Full day Half Day Hours
Infant Care  $             2,880.00  $            2,340.00  $          450.00
Childcare  $             2,520.00  $            2,160.00  $          396.00

*All fees before GST

Emergency Care:

We have discounted packages which includes 20 days of emergency care per annum per child. This package may be used at any time during the calendar year January – December.

Please note that you may pre-book your emergency care visits up to a year in advance, however a 24 hour cancellation policy is in effect. If you do not call and cancel your visit within 24 hours before arriving, you will be charged for one visit.

Whichever option you pick for your child will have to be one that suits your family’s needs and schedules as well as your child’s temperament. But remember, nothing can take the place of pure, unadulterated mummy and daddy time and love so do shower all that on your little ones whenever you can!