*Medical and Health Procedures

o Our centre observes the Ministry of Health’s “Exclusion Guidelines”.

o Our staff will do a general health check every morning to check for any sign of illness.

o Our Centre will only administer medications which are prescribed by a registered Medical General Practitioner for your child. Parents are required to fill in the Medicine Administration Form provided.

o If your child requires medical attention that goes beyond simple first aid, the Centre will

contact the parents for instructions.

*Illness and Communicable Diseases

If a parent suspects his or her child is ill, we will advise the parent to keep the child at home

or to bring the child to the doctor.

We require that the following precautions and/or procedures be followed for any children suspected of having a communicable disease.

o The teacher will immediately notify the parent or guardian of the child’s condition when a child shows signs or symptoms of an illness.

o A child who shows sign of illness as described below will be immediately isolated and the parent or guardian will be informed to bring to the child back.

  • Diarrhea (more than one abnormally loose stool within 24 hour period)
  • Severe coughing which causes the child to become blue or red in the face
  • Difficult or rapid breathing
  • Yellowish skin or eyes
  • Conjunctivitis (“red eye”)
  • Unusual spots or rashes
  • Elevated temperature
  • Vomiting
  • HFMD
  • Chicken Pox

Any child with these symptoms or signs of illness will be immediately isolated from other children. Decisions regarding whether the child should be discharged immediately or at some time during the day shall be determined by the principal, and the parent or guardian will be informed of this decision. The child while isolated at the school shall be carefully monitored for symptoms described as mentioned above.

*A letter from a registered medical practitioner certifying that your child is fit to return to the Centre is required when your child is on medication or recovered from infectious disease such as HFMD or chicken pox.

*Emergency Procedures

o In case of emergency, our Centre will take the initiative to send the child to the nearest hospital/clinic.

o Any expenses incurred will be borne by parents except accidental expenses.

o For insurance claim, our Centre will apply on behalf of the child.

*Important notes:

o Please inform the Centre immediately if your child is unwell or have contracted any contagious diseases such as measles, chicken pox, hand foot and mouth diseases (HFMD).

o Keep your child at home for speedy recovery until the child is certified by a doctor to return to the Centre.

o Our Centre will take all the necessary precautions and care to ensure the safety and health of your child. However, our Centre will not be held responsible for any mishap that may arise.