Our Curriculum

Cheston Montessori’s curriculum encourages children to grow up to be competent global citizens. Through our curriculum and rich array of learning experiences that focus on specific developmental domains, ample opportunity for both outdoor and indoor run and play, and an emphasis on nurturing and collaborating, we foster learning, growth and preparation for the world ahead.
We believe in fostering the holistic development of the child through a well-planned Integrated Thematic Play & Montessori Learning.


InfantToddlers – Nursery 1 Nursery 2 – Kindergarten 2
Chinese LanguageChinese LanguageChinese Language
Creative ArtCreative ArtCreative Art
Music & MovementMusic & MovementMusic & Movement
MassageFun CookeryFun Cookery
Outdoor/Indoor Activities (Physical Development/GYM)Outdoor/Indoor Activities (Sports)Outdoor/Indoor Activities (Sports)
Sensorial ExplorationScience DiscoveryScience Discovery
Sign LanguageMoral Education Moral Education
Health & SafetyHealth & SafetyHealth & Safety
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